What’s in a name?

Names are really important. Think about it. Names say something about us, and who we are. Your name feels special. It’s how others see you.

Now we have to choose a name for Edinburgh’s new school, on Canaan Lane in Morningside, so we have to choose carefully. We could, of course, choose a name that simply tells us where the school is.

Or we could choose to be different. We could choose a name that has an amazing tale to tell. A name that tells the world about us, and what we stand for.

We could name it after someone who lived and worked on our doorstep. Who taught in one of our schools, right here in Morningside. Who laughed, and smiled, and told stories, in a classroom just a heartbeat away. Who cared about children, and their education, and their future.

Someone who cared about people having equal chances and opportunities, no matter what the colour of their skin.

No matter who they were, or where they came from, or what they believed in. Who fought for our local communities, old and young, so they could have the same rights as everyone else. Who left an incredible legacy for the people of Edinburgh, and changed their lives for the better. Who did things no one had ever done before.

Someone who’s an inspiration – for young people now,
and for generations yet to come.
Who can inspire us to dream, and to dare, and to do.
To be the best we can be.
To be proud to be us.
We could name it after Saroj Lal.


‘Saroj’ is a Hindi name, derived from Sanskrit, which means ‘lotus’ – a beautiful aquatic flower, like a water lily, which inspired our lotus emblem.