Thursday 20 August 2020 marked exactly 50 years since Saroj arrived at South Morningside Primary to start teaching.

To commemorate this special occasion, pupils and teachers at South Morningside arranged an event in her memory. P4-7 pupils prepared a special assembly attended by Saroj’s family, along with two of her former colleagues. The assembly included a wonderful presentation on Saroj’s life and work and some challenging questions around race and equality. The family were delighted to receive a special garland from the pupils with the motto There is only one race. The great human race.

This year, 2021, three new awards mark
Saroj’s legacy as a pioneer in education.

The GTCS Saroj Lal Award for a Pioneering
Spirit in Equality and Diversity
will be presented
to a teacher who has gone above and beyond
in fighting for equality and diversity.

The Moray House Saroj Lal Scholarship is
designed to encourage more diversity among
those training to become a teacher, just like Saroj.

And in August, the City of Edinburgh Council
Saroj Lal Award
will inspire today’s young
people to celebrate equality and diversity
through art and creativity.

Saroj is no longer with us.

So let’s continue her journey. Together.

‘Mrs Lal was always extremely animated and full of enthusiasm for learning and love for her class. I am now a head teacher at a primary school in Edinburgh. I think this is something that Mrs Lal embodied in her teaching, and I thank her for being part of my life!’

Kathryn Wright

Saroj’s former pupil, now Head Teacher at Oxgangs Primary School